Writing and Publishing Books with Markdown

In a post to the BookWorks blog Carla King discussed a Markdown-based book writing and publishing process and briefly reviewed a number of tools and platforms.

The tools she covered range from specialized Markdown and text editors to full platforms like Leanpub. Leanpub provides both a Markdown-based self-publishing toolchain for works in progress or finished books, and an online storefront for selling these and other works like courses. The storefront is pretty flexible as it supports options such as a variable pricing scheme, bundling, and selling additional digital content.

I use Leanpub to publish my book Space Apps for Android. I write the manuscript with Leanpub’s Markua Markdown flavor designed for formatting books and similar works.


  1. I maintain a blog, I always thought that wp was overkill for my goals, it has tons of stuff to the load that only slowed my website down. Don’t regret that I decided to switch to a static site generator supported by the ability to export content in Markdown from Ink for All

    1. Markdown is really handy, and more powerful than it may seem.


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