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My Favorite Tech and Creator Newsletters

I don’t like the social platform algorithms that decide what ends up in my feed.

That’s why for my content consumption I want tools that, instead of filtering, deliver all the content only from all the sources I want. My information hub is an RSS feed reader, Feedly. In addition, since before starting my own email newsletter Practicing Google, I have been subscribing to a growing number of newsletters on a variety of topics. From technology and software development, to content creation and publishing.

Here are the newsletters I subscribe to. I prefer niche, obscure, or unique sources, so I hope this list will help you discover valuable content that’s not mainstream.

Better Sheets: Tutorials, tips, and examples to use Google Sheets better.Blogging for Devs: Tips, content ideas, and relevant news about growing technical blogs.Creator Tools Weekly: Apps or tools to help create, publish or sell content.David Gaughran's newsletter: Book marketing tips by indie writer David Gaughran.Form…