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Suite8080 0.4.0

I released version 0.4.0 of Suite8080 , the suite of Intel 8080 Assembly cross-development tools I’m writing in Python. It bundles some minor features and changes I did while thinking about what major task to work on next. New features There are two main new features in this release. A SID debugging session in the z80pack CP/M emulator. SID loaded the hello world program assembled with asm80, along with the greet.sym symbol table. The l command disassembled the program and showed the symbols MESSAGE and BDOS . The d command dumped memory from the address of the MESSAGE symbol. The first is the ability of asm80 to save the assembled program’s symbol table in the .sym CP/M file format . The other feature enhances the assembler to accept the double-quote character ” as a string delimiter , which means strings and character constants may be written as ”This is a string” and ”F” . In addition, the output of the assembler's help message ( -h option) and verbose mode