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Mercury Reader Removes the Clutter from Web Pages

The Mercury Reader Chrome extension is a reader mode tool for cleaning off the clutter from web pages. It reformats the pages by removing distracting elements and leaving only text and images for a cleaner experience.

Mercury Reader is one of my must-have extensions and I use it daily.

It’s installed on all my Chrome OS devices and it’s available whenever I need it. I can fire it up when visiting sites with tiny or illegible fonts, uncomfortable color combinations, pop-ups, excessively wide text margins, pages encrusted with ads, or with designs that interfere with reading. I don’t use a permanent ad-blocker, so Mercury Reader doubles as an on-demand ad blocker.

The extension removes distracting features such as navigation elements, sidebars, headers, and ads. Besides the images, it leaves only the text and sets it with clean fonts and attributes that make reading more pleasing.

Although it does a good job in most cases, some pages are so cluttered or have such intricate designs, that…

How to Copy to the Clipboard and Use Images on Chrome OS

When saving an image on Chrome OS devices such as Chromebooks there’s a quick way of copying it to the clipboard for direct use.

In the notification that appears when saving the image, click the button for copying to the clipboard. This way you can immediately use the image without reloading it from the local storage. For example, pasting the image into Gmail’s message composition window, in the post editor of an online discussion board, in a conversation of a messaging app, or in the content editor of nearly any platform that supports attaching images.

Chrome OS issues these notifications every time an app or extension saves an image. For example when saving images from the browser or a photo editor, or capturing and annotating screenshots.

If you copy an image to the clipboard, the image file is still saved to the local storage in the Downloads folder. So be sure to review the folder from time to time to decide whether you still need to keep the files around.