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Ideas for Python Authors

One reason I’m learning Python is its ecosystem. A culture of documentation and the countless learning and training resources create opportunities of growing as a developer. The table of contents of the Python documentation. There are all sorts of free and paid tutorials, books, videos, courses, and other materials on all aspects of the language, the tools, and the libraries. For example, I maintain a list of free Python books . Still, some important intermediate to advanced topics receive little or no attention. So, I’d like to offer some suggestions and feedback to Python authors and instructors on what may interest a hobbyist like me . Here are some ideas for topics to cover. Although I found something relevant, the material I’ve seen is still missing something. If you know of any such resources, please let me know. Not being a visual learner I’m more interested in text-based content than videos. I also prefer books to the more structured approach of courses. System

Don't Tell Your Friends You Published a Book

The day I self-published my book Space Apps for Android I sent free coupons to 16 close friends. The Leanpub coupon generator. All of them share my interests and the topics the book covers. But none of the friends downloaded their free copy . Not a single one. Over the following days I sent free coupons to a few more friends who, again, didn’t download the book. It’s nothing personal. Aside from life and other distractions getting in the way, it’s just that my friends are likely not typical readers who actively seek content like my book. If you publish a book, don’t bother telling your friends and family. Aside from the lack of interest, there are other reasons not to have your friends download the book. If you publish on Amazon, your friend’s purchasing history may have a negative impact on the algorithmic recommendations and reduce the book’s visibility. Also, the feedback you can get from complete strangers is more candid than what friends or family will say not to sou