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FindYour.Blog Showcases the Essence of Blogging

Update The FindYour.Blog was unfortunately shut down and is no longer online. FindYour.Blog is a new blog directory — remember those? — aimed at new or niche bloggers. It lets you browse, search, review, and like blogs. You can also submit your own blog. The home page of FindYour.Blog. The directory has a clean design and is easy to use. But there’s something that makes it stand out: the community . FindYourBlog seems to attract passionate bloggers who value writing, sharing, and thinking. There are almost no marketers and the blogs in the directory don’t smell of SEO or have pushy selling, modal pop-ups, or heavy ads. Their posts focus instead on content and ideas with not much thought to ranking in search or selling yet another course. The writing has readers in mind, not search engines. Submitting blogs requires approval, and the editors are doing an excellent curation job. FindYour.Blog is a labor of love that brings back the roots and essence blogging had i

All Blogs Are Minimalist

One feature that made Medium popular is the minimalist design of its blogs. They emphasize text and images and have no blogrolls, widgets, tag clouds, or other distracting elements. It was a unique feature in the days of the desktop web when Medium came out. A post of my blog in Chrome on my Pixel 2 XL phone. Now the web is mobile-first and all responsive websites have a similar minimalist design on the smartphone and tablet screens the majority of readers use. They hide most of the design complexity behind a hamburger menu with links to other pages. If you open a post, the text and images dominate the page area. Just like Medium. For example, my Blogger blog has a responsive template that works the same way. Visit it on your phone. There are a few links at the top of the page and a handful of post recommendations at the bottom. These minor elements are hardly distracting. WordPress blogs and most other responsive websites do the same. The mobile revolution

Experimenting With Selling App Recommendations

Are you looking for an app that does something you need but can’t find it, or don’t want to put in the time and effort to search for it? For a small fee, I will search the app for you and recommend one that matches your requirements. The app recommendation services I sell on my Buy Me A Coffee page. I can search for Android apps, web apps, cloud tools, Chrome extensions, add-ons, or websites that work in Chrome. Except for games as I’m not into gaming. I’ll recommend at least one app that does what you want , summarize its key features and issues, and try it on different Android and Chrome OS devices to report how it works — if possible or practical. If no such app exists, or I’m unable to find it, I’ll suggest one that does something similar or matches some of your requirements. I have extensive experience with searching for Android and web apps. I love looking for and experimenting with new and interesting apps I may need someday. I showcase some of the best apps