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I Installed WhatsApp Because I Love Mom

In these days of isolation because of the COVID-19 pandemic, even tech bloggers are more introspective and share personal stories or thoughts. Now it’s my turn. At the end of March 2020 my mom was hospitalized for pneumonia, but unrelated to COVID-19 as she repeatedly tested negative. It wasn’t clear whether she would make it. And I couldn’t visit her in locked down Italy. The only way to communicate with mom was through the WhatsApp video calls her doctors did. My early experience with WhatsApp For years I resisted re-installing WhatsApp. I had already used WhatsApp and uninstalled it the day Facebook announced acquiring the product in February 2014. I have no technical issues with the app, I just don’t like Facebook the company. WhatsApp’s settings screen on my Pixel 2 XL phone. But installing WhatsApp was the only way to see and talk with mom at the hospital . Everything went well and mom came back home after over a week at the hospital. Although I n