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Why I Got a Pixel 4 XL When Google Discontinued It

Google discontinued the Pixel 4 in August 2020 and pulled it from the US Google Store. As soon as I learned of it, I ordered a Pixel 4 XL from the Google Store in Italy where I live and the phone was still in stock.

Why did I get it?
Because I like the 4 XL more than the current and planned Pixel models. I don’t mind the issues and limitations others criticize. And it’s not clear whether the Pixel 5 will ship with a telephoto lens, which I want.

My previous phone I had been using a Pixel 2 XL since January 2018.
This is no surprise as I always used Google-branded Android phones as my daily drivers. The Pixel 2 was the first of the Pixel family distributed in Italy. I was eager to try a Pixel and went with the 2 XL because of the higher specs, a more capable battery, and a better experience.
In October 2020, a couple of months from now, the Pixel 2 line will reach the end of life with no more system updates and support. Expecting the deadline, for a while I had been researching my opti…