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The Changelogs of Android App Updates Are an Opportunity, Not a Burden

Many Android developers make the changelogs of Play Store apps useless by skipping them or providing uninformative fluff. Google isn't setting high standards either. It’s time to improve changelogs or make them go away . Or perhaps turn changelogs into an opportunity. A typical Android user may get half a dozen updates per day. With no changelogs or some indication of what changed, no user is going to check every feature of every updated app just to figure out what's new. Although not many users may read changelogs, those who do can help promote an app and generate buzz around it . Think for example of the tech bloggers, YouTubers, and journalists who report on what new features come with app updates. Or the power users who let their friends and social followers know about cool new features. In these days of visibility challenges and millions of apps in the Play Store, the information on updates can help spread the voice about apps and make them stand out. Changelogs

How to Work With Astronomical Data: A Tutorial

Markus Pössel posted the review paper A Beginner’s Guide to Working with Astronomical Data . It’s a comprehensive overview of processing astronomical images, spectra, and catalog data with application software and the Python programming language. The paper also covers simulations and simulated data. The value of this paper is it distills into a single resource a lot of material available elsewhere, and provides guidance on getting started with the major categories of astronomical data.