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Following: A Marketing Guide To Author Platform

Indie writer David Gaughran published the ebook Following: A Marketing Guide To Author Platform . It’s a free bonus you can download by subscribing to David’s weekly book marketing newsletter . David Gaughran’s Following ebook in Google Play Books on my Pixel 2 XL phone. The book brings clarity on the confusing issue of building an author platform writers and authors face, especially when going indie and self-publishing. Its greatest value is a concise and clear definition of what an author platform is and what it's supposed to do, along with a prioritized roadmap. Although you’ll find practical advice in Following , the book comes with an online resource section David keeps up to date with how-tos, step-by-step guides, videos, lists of service providers, and more. David presents a framework grounded on two pillars, an author website and a newsletter . You can add other activities and online presences modularly on top of those as your time and resources allow.

How to Get the RSS Feed of a Revue Newsletter

To get the RSS feed of a newsletter hosted at Revue , enter the URL of the newsletter’s sign up and archive page into your feed reader . This returns a partial feed with an entry for each issue. An article in the RSS feed of my Practicing Google Newsletter in Feedly. If the reader doesn’t recognize the feed, add ?format=rss to the newsletter’s URL. For example, the URL of my newsletter is and I can get the RSS by rewriting it as Another trick is to append ?format=text to the URL of an issue to get the ASCII text with some HTML formatting. An example is this URL of one of my issues that returns the text via The usual way of receiving a