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My Lenovo Tab E7 Tablet 5 Months Later

It’s been five months since I bought a Lenovo Tab E7 Android Go tablet . My main motivation was I always loved the 7” slate form factor. Now I have much more experience with the device and what’s best for, how are things going? The packaging of my Lenovo Tab E7 Android Go tablet. System and performance Performance is still more than adequate, with a caveat. Although the tablet boots up reasonably quickly, it’s still laggy for some time after the lock screen shows up . Given the limited hardware resources, the device needs time to start up all system services and the built-in bloatware, as well as caching enough key apps and executable modules. A workaround is not to use the device for at least 5-10 minutes after powering it up so that the lag can settle. Despite being a low-end, cheap device released two years ago, the Tab E7 continues receiving system updates . As I write this in early April 2020, I have Android Go 8.1 with 28 Feb 2020 baseband and 5 Feb 2020 se