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4 Things Tutorials Don't Tell You About PyPI

Time to celebrate! I published my first Python package to PyPI, Suite8080 . It’s a suite of Intel 8080 Assembly cross-development tools. It’s in early development, misses some tools, and is rough around the edges. But it works, does something useful (if you’re into retrocomputing), and I’m having ridiculous amounts of fun with this hobby project. The Python Package Index (PyPI) website. The celebration is wearing out and I’m about to resume the work to complete and improve Suite8080, yet something still bugs me. Although it’s well known PyPI is unforgiving for good reasons, the package publishing process is not as straightforward as the tutorials make it seem . I run into a few unexpected minor bumps none of the guides mention. It’s not that the tutorials aren’t good, they are. I recommend the Real Python article on publishing a package to PyPI . But the authors of these guides are so experienced, and probably so detached from the challenges beginners face, they may not be aware some i