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My Newsletter Publishing Process

It’s been almost four months since I launched Practicing Google , my weekly newsletter about practical resources on Google products and related technologies. The newsletter is a spinoff of my efforts to learn about and keep up to date with the Google ecosystem. I share links from my readings and content consumption habits. I wanted to focus on the entire Google ecosystem with a practical angle, an empty niche I thought there would be interest in. As a byproduct of activities I already do, I hoped producing the newsletter wouldn’t take much work , and I’d be able to keep the overhead low. This proved to be the case, thanks to a combination of tools and workflow. Here is how I produce, edit, test, and publish each issue of the newsletter Tools I use the Revue newsletter publishing platform. My primary production tool is Revue’s issue editor that allows to add rich text, links, media, and embeds. Revue also provides tools for integrating with and importing content