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Capturing and Annotating Images with Nimbus Screenshot

The Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder Chrome extension is my favorite screenshot capture and editing tool.

I love the extension for its variety of capture options and annotation tools. I use Nimbus Screenshot on Chrome OS and it integrates well with the Google cloud as it lets me save to Google Drive.

I use it for all the Chromebox and Chromebook screenshots I post to my blog and elsewhere. I live in the browser and the Google cloud, so It’s a good fit for my workflow. Although the extension can also do screen recording, I don’t take advantage of these features.

Nimbus Screenshot is so handy I often fire it up for quickly annotating arbitrary images other than screenshots. I can add arrows, text, and other editable vector shapes such as ellipses and rectangles. In a pinch it doubles as a basic drawing app, often faster than opening a dedicated app.

To annotate an image, select the Blank Screen capture option, click the folder icon to open the image, and add annotations. Dr…