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Why I Use a Chromebox

Chromebooks are mainstream but many people don’t grok Chromeboxes. A Redditor wondered what’s the point of Chromeboxes and what to use them for, especially high-end units. People seem to assume Chromeboxes are good only as kiosks or for who knows what uncommon use-case. The main unit of my ASUS Chromebox 3. I use a Chromebox because I nearly never need to move my primary desktop device . And I want the most high-end unit I can get my hands on to do the same stuff cheap Chromebooks can do, but faster. Let me elaborate. First off, in 2015 I switched to using Chrome OS exclusively on the desktop . I stopped using traditional desktop operating systems such as Linux or Windows.  Therefore, for me the choice is among the form factors of Chrome OS desktop devices: Chromebook (laptop), Chromebox (fixed desktop system), or Chromebase (think iMac for Chrome OS). I picked up a Chromebox as my daily driver because I work with it at the same desk 99.999% of the time . Since I nearly never need to