Capturing and Annotating Images with Nimbus Screenshot

The Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder Chrome extension is my favorite screenshot capture and editing tool.

Screenshot annotated with Nimbus Screenshot on a Chromebox
A screenshot annotated with Nimbus Screenshot on my Chromebox.

I love the extension for its variety of capture options and annotation tools. I use Nimbus Screenshot on Chrome OS and it integrates well with the Google cloud as it lets me save to Google Drive.

I use it for all the Chromebox and Chromebook screenshots I post to my blog and elsewhere. I live in the browser and the Google cloud, so It’s a good fit for my workflow. Although the extension can also do screen recording, I don’t take advantage of these features.

Nimbus Screenshot is so handy I often fire it up for quickly annotating arbitrary images other than screenshots. I can add arrows, text, and other editable vector shapes such as ellipses and rectangles. In a pinch it doubles as a basic drawing app, often faster than opening a dedicated app.

To annotate an image, select the Blank Screen capture option, click the folder icon to open the image, and add annotations. Dragging and dropping from the Files app is supported too.

You can save captured screenshots or annotated images to the local storage or Google Drive. The Chrome OS system download notification includes a button for copying the image to the clipboard. This is handy for immediately using the image by pasting it into Gmail, a discussion board, or the post editor of other online platforms that support attaching images.

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