Why I Stopped Cross-posting to Medium

When I joined Micro.blog I found out it can cross-post from a blog to a few other platforms, including Medium.

I thought about it a bit and decided to set up my blog, then on Micro.blog, for cross-posting there even if I don’t feel comfortable with Medium. I don’t mind paid platforms or paying creators for their work, but Medium has something that puts me off. Maybe it’s the constant nagging and prodding for purchasing a subscription or signing up.

However, I decided to cross-post there anyway for a couple of reasons.

The first is I hoped my content would have a wider reach. The other reason is selfish. Mike Elgan encourages to use social platforms to our advantage by having them bring traffic to our own sites for once, given how much they used us so far. But it turns out unless you enroll into Medium’s partner program, your content won’t be algorithmically recommended to signed in users or subscribers. Instead I want my writing to be accessible on the open web without an account or a subscription.

I’m no influencer or celebrity and I’m unlikely to be found or followed on Medium anyway. So, if people have to get to my content by googling or word of mouth, they might as well find it only on my own blog instead.

This is why after a couple of weeks I turned off cross-posting and deleted the posts already in my Medium profile.

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