I’m Keeping a Journal

I started the new blog Paolo Amoroso’s Journal. In the new journal, I write about the same topics of my main blog Moonshots Beyond the Cloud, but with more frequent and mostly short entries.

Paolo Amoroso’s Journal
My new blog, Paolo Amoroso’s Journal.

The journal is hosted at the Write.as lightweight, distraction-free, Markdown-based blogging platform with good support for technical writing. Blogger, which I use for my main blog, is good for ordinary content. However, Google no longer releases new features and I’m actually happy the product is alive at all.

I’ll continue updating my existing blog but I wanted to complement it with a journal. And I wanted to use a platform with much less friction than the clunky old Blogger. Researching a blogging platform was harder than I thought, so I’m happy I found Write.as.

The new blog is at journal.paoloamoroso.com You can subscribe to the RSS feed or sign up to receive the posts via email as a newsletter.


  1. Write.as looks like it has a nice clean format. It's a pleasure for reading.

    1. Indeed. They have an even cleaner version, TinyWrite.as, that strips even mode code.


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