Space Apps for Android: 17 Nov 2020 Update

 I released version 17 Nov 2020 of my ebook Space Apps for Android: Discover the Best Astronomy and Space Apps. If you purchased the book, the latest version is available for free download in ePub, Mobi, and PDF format where you originally downloaded it, on Gumroad or Leanpub.

Cover of the Space Apps for Android ebook in the Kindle app on a Pixel 4 XL
The cover of the Space Apps for Android ebook in the Kindle app on my Pixel 4 XL.

Chapter The Planets now has an introduction. I also revised the chapter’s text and added the Mars Explorer app.

Some apps are no longer available in the Play Store, so I removed their entries from that chapter: Physical Mars, Pluto Safari, Space Weather, and The Red Planet Mars. I removed Mars Explorer (unrelated to the app by the same name I added) too, as it now serves ads and no longer meets the book inclusion requirements.

It’s amazing how many Android developers remove their apps from the Play Store, including several Space Apps for Android covers.

But the ebook is a work in-progress and I regularly update it with the Lean Publishing process. Lean Publishing is designed to address situations like this and keep track of fast-changing domains such as technology.

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