Experimenting With a Buy Me A Coffee Membership Plan

After setting up a Buy Me A Coffee page for onetime support, I’m experimenting with a membership plan for recurring contributions.

Buy Me A Coffee is a creator support and crowdfunding platform similar to Patreon. I use it for allowing the readers of my blog and newsletter to support me if they like my work.

Membership plan on a Buy Me A Coffee page
The membership plan on my Buy Me A Coffee page.

When visiting a creator’s Buy Me A Coffee page, membership is now the default payment option if both are present, so I needed one. I’m starting with these rewards:

  • a coupon for a discount on the purchase of 1, 10, or 50 copies of my book Space Apps for Android
  • members-only posts featuring my Google and tech reading list (see a sample post)

The main motivation is I can provide these rewards right now with not much additional effort.

I generated the discount coupon with Leanpub, the self-publishing platform I use. It’s a link I include in the Buy Me A Coffee thank-you message automatically emailed to new members. Why the options for 10 and 50 copies? For the readers who wish to buy additional copies for their astronomy clubs, Android user groups, or organizations.

The other reward is a curated list of links grouped by topic sent to members every couple of weeks.

The list includes the links of most of the articles I read on a broad range of topics. From the Google ecosystem, technology, astronomy, space, and science to blogging, digital publishing, Python, and more.

The value is the articles I share mostly come from non-mainstream blogs or sites that provide insightful commentary, unique angles, direct experience, or hard to find information. Most of the content I see on social networks comes instead from the usual suspects, i.e. mainstream sources, and it’s the same stuff everyone else shares.

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