Missing or Misplaced Keyboard Shortcuts on Your Non-English Chromebook? Here’s What to Do

Are any keyboard shortcuts missing from your Chromebook with a non-English keyboard, or aren’t where the documentation says? It’s not just you. So star these issues in the Chromium tracker to let Google know they are widespread and require action:
If you have a Chromebook with a keyboard layout of a language other than English, you likely realized a lot of shortcuts work only with different keys than the ones the Chrome OS help center or the Settings > Keyboard > Show keyboard shortcuts tool list. And some shortcuts are missing altogether.

Keyboard shortcuts for virtual desktops listed in the Chrome OS keyboard mapping tool on an ASUS Chromebox 3
The keyboard shortcuts for virtual desktops listed in the Chrome OS keyboard mapping tool on my ASUS Chromebox 3. On Italian keyboards the shortcuts aren't where they're supposed to be and some are missing.

There's a common cause.

It’s an issue involving the missing shortcuts for docking windows filed almost 3 years ago to the Chromium bug tracker. Although assigned to a team member, the issue is still open, and no progress is being made as it requires a lot of work. This issue is blocking other ones, including an issue with missing shortcuts for virtual desktops I have recently reported.

These are showstoppers. For example, using virtual desktops is mostly useless without the keyboard actions for quickly switching between desks.

I've been experiencing the same missing or misplaced shortcuts on all the devices with Italian keyboards I owned since I started using Chrome OS in March 2015, across all Chrome OS Stable versions the devices went through. My previous Acer C720 Chromebook (also another C720 unit with a Spanish keyboard I had briefly) as well as an i3 ASUS Chromebox 2. My current Lenovo Yoga N23 Chromebook and an i7 ASUS Chromebox 3.

If it affects you, be sure to star the issues.


Chrome OS 92, released on August 2, 2021, finally fixed the issue. I can't believe it took Google almost two years.

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