Google Keep Is Chugging Along Nicely

I still remember the shutdown of Google Reader in July 2013 — who doesn’t?

It was one of the first high-profile product shutdowns that shaped and contributed to Google’s reputation (and countless memes) as a product killer. With the shock and disappointment of Google Reader’s loss still fresh, many questioned the future of Google Keep.

Google Keep note on a Pixel 2 XL phone
A Google Keep note on my Pixel 2 XL phone.

This new product had been initially released just a few months earlier, in March 2013. The conventional wisdom was to not use Keep because it was likely going away soon, too. Yet the product has been going on and regularly getting new features for over 6 years. Another high-profile shutdown, the one of Google+ 8 years after its launch, is a hint anything may still happen. But the death of a specific product doesn't necessarily affect the fate of another.

The case of Google Keep is worth reminding each time Google unveils a new product.

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