Hello, Planet Python!

Planet Python is now syndicating the posts about Python of my blog. Thanks to the project maintainer Bruno Rocha for letting me join.

You may think of Planet Python as the all-you-can-eat source of Python content.

It’s an aggregator of dozens of blogs, podcasts, and other resources on the Python programming language. It syndicates posts that cover Python or are of interest to the Python community. Planet Python is a terrific resource for learning the language and keeping up with what’s going on in its ecosystem. I highly recommend that you subscribe to the RSS feed of Planet Python.

If you’re reading this on Planet Python, hi there!

About me

I’m Paolo Amoroso, an Italian astronomy and space popularizer, a Google expert, and a podcaster. I’m a Python beginner as I started learning the language in December 2018. But I have been a hobby programmer since the home computer revolution of the early 1980s. And I have always had a soft spot for programming languages, paradigms, and compilers.

My programming background

After reading extensively about and experimenting with as many languages as I could, in the 1990s I settled with the ones of the Lisp family, particularly Common Lisp, Scheme, and Emacs Lisp. I was also a Computer Science student (but didn't graduate) and contributed to a few open source Lisp projects.

Although I first got in touch with Python in the early 1990s, I started learning it in some depth only in December 2018. My main motivation was to leverage its massive “batteries included” ecosystem of libraries, tools, and resources for my hobby and personal projects. And, of course, to have fun.

What I post about

In the Python posts of my blog, the ones you’ll get via Planet Python, I will cover my experiences with learning and using the language, the books I read, the tools I use, and the projects I do. But, if you’re curious, feel free to look around to see what else I post about on my blog.

I plan to use Python for coding projects related to my interests, especially astronomy and space, or to make simple personal tools and apps.

Thanks again for having me here!

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