A Conversation on Repurposing Blog Content to Publish a Book

Some bloggers write a book by putting together their posts, revising the content, and expanding it with new material. I always used Google+ as a blog and I did something similar by using my posts as an early draft of the book Space Apps for Android I self-published.

In a video conversation with Nina Trankova, Monika Schmidt, and Bob Danley, a part of Nina’s "On e Board" series, I explained how I repurposed the posts of one of my Google+ collections as the backbone of the book. I also discussed the Lean Publishing workflow with which I produce the book.


  1. What a leadership in approaching lifecycle data in such a creative and constructive way, Paolo! I was more than lucky to have this conversation with you for "On e Board" ! I can't thank you enough for keeping up with best practices and connectivity online for many other users to follow! Thank you for mention!

    1. My pleasure, it's been an opportunity for thinking about my experience and sharing it with other bloggers and content creators.


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