A List of Newsletter Directories

Growing your newsletter can be challenging. Especially at the beginning, when few know you or your work.

Having your newsletter listed in specialized directories that attract potentially interested readers is a valuable discoverability opportunity.

InboxReads newsletter directory
The InboxReads newsletter directory.

These directories are databases that let readers search or browse newsletters by category. Sometimes the directories share the newsletters to their social channels or in email updates. The continuous flow of subscriptions coming from directories, even if small, adds up.

Maybe it's just an impression. However, I’ve been noticing a small but steady flow of subscriptions since submitting my newsletter Practicing Google to several directories. It's just a trickle right now. But noticeable.

I have been bookmarking and keeping track of directories since working on my newsletter. I share them here and I’ll keep the list up to date.

Open directories
You can submit your newsletter to the following open directories, which approve all or most submissions.

Curated directories
Some extremely selective directories focus on the largest, highest quality, or most influential newsletters. Or they may not accept self-submissions, taking only recommendations from readers. I found these curated directories:

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