I Was Interviewed by OnEBoard

The members of OnEBoard interviewed me for their On E Board Home series. I chatted with them about why my blog is my online home, how I started my newsletter, my space outreach activities, understanding and keeping up to date with the Google ecosystem, and more.

Here's the preview of the interview. Watch also the full interview.

OnEBoard is a network of creators who collaborate over the web. The group has its roots in projects they started on Google+.

Thanks to Bob Danley, Peggy Kolm, Monika Schmidt, and Nina Trankova for having me as a guest and for their questions. Nina and Peggy are also fellow members of the Google Product Experts Program.

These questions were an opportunity for thinking about and reflecting on my work and interests.


  1. Thank you for being our guest #OnEBoard, Paolo! Thank you for this publication!

    *Continuous* was the keyword for me in our effective communication during the talk #OnEBoardHome, Paolo! Because knowing technology is a research-experiment-implement action in a never ending cycle we need to embrace in order to keep up with success.

    1. Thank you Nina, my pleasure. Change doesn't stop in technology, so we can't stop keeping track of it either.

  2. Thank you Paolo for being our guest. I've enjoyed your profound answers and insights on your work and thriving 🥰

    1. You're welcome, I'm always happy to talk about what I do and how I do it.


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