Creating Subdomains For a Blog, a Newsletter, and Books

If you own an Internet domain, you can create subdomains for your properties such as a blog, a newsletter, and books.

Blog URL starting with the blog subdomain
The URL of my blog starts with the blog subdomain of my domain.

For example, my domain is and my personal website is I set up the subdomains for my blog, for my newsletter, and for a list of my books. blog points to my Blogger-hosted blog. newsletter and books are redirects. The former to my page on the Revue newsletter publishing platform, the latter to a page on my personal site.

These URLs are good mnemonics and a branding opportunity.

They are easy to remember and say when talking in person or in phone conversations. And you can include the URLs in business cards or promotional material. has another benefit as it allows to rename the blog without changing the domain, should I ever need to.

The specifics of creating the subdomains depend on the domain or hosting provider.

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