How to Find Official Google Stock Photos

If you blog about Google or cover the company in the news, you likely need quality images to illustrate your posts and stories.

A collection of high-resolution Google stock photos is available in the press area of the company’s official blog The Keyword. The page with the photos is a bit hidden. To navigate to the page, click the 3-dot icon on the blog’s home and then click Press Corner.

Android figurines in an official Google stock photo. Source: Google.
Android figurines in an official Google stock photo. Source: Google.

You can filter the photos by type, such as Headshots for portraits of company executives like CEO Sundar Pichai, Senior VP of Hardware Rick Osterloh, and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. Select type Logos for, well, product logos. You’ll find most of them like Chrome, Gmail, Drive, and many more. Finally, Life at Google features photos of facilities, Googlers, and work scenes.

The images are 2800x2800 PNG files except for Life at Google, where they are 2800x1867 JPEG files. You may use the photos for publication with credit: "Source: Google."


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