A List of Free Python Books

If you’re like me, you love learning by reading books.

So, when I set out to learn the Python programming language in the last days of 2018, I started looking for good books. I googled, browsed Reddit, checked major Python sites, and came out with a list Python books, including several free ebooks. I shared the list of free books to Reddit as I thought it may help others. Not only was the list a huge hit, some users suggested more great books.

Free Python Books GitHub repository
The GitHub repository of the list of free Python Books I maintain.

Given all the interest, I put together my initial list, integrated it with the suggestions, and published the list of free Python books.

Go check the list, there are good titles covering many topics, from introductory guides to advanced language features and techniques, from software engineering to game development, and more. Including a few gems, such as the unusual book Boxes: Your Second Python Book that explores digital typesetting and text layout algorithms.

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