The Killer Use for My Google Home Mini

I found the killer use for my Google Home Mini: listening to podcasts and audiobooks while in bed.

The device provides the perfect combination of content and user experience. Audiobooks and podcasts are good bedtime content and I can operate the Home Mini completely hands-free. Using a phone wouldn't be as convenient for me, as the closest thing I have to a bed stand to set my phone to is not within arm’s reach.

Google Home Mini Chalk.
My Google Home Mini Chalk.

The commands to operate audiobooks and podcasts are few and very simple, which contributes to a smooth experience.

How to listen to audiobooks

I began getting audiobooks only recently. I buy them at Google Play Books and the Home Mini accesses the books from there. Although there are several commands to control audiobook playback, I use only a couple to start listening to an audiobook from where I left off and end a reading session:
  • “OK Google, read Book Title
  • “OK Google, read my book” for the most recent one
  • “OK Google, stop”

How to listen to podcasts

The selection of podcasts is currently limited to the Google Home sources such as Tunein but there are all the ones I follow in English. Here are the commands I use for listening to the latest episode, resuming an episode from where I left off, or ending a session:
  • “OK Google, listen to the latest episode of Podcast Name
  • “OK Google, continue listening to Podcast Name
  • “OK Google, stop”

See the full list of Google Home podcast commands.

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